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Lifeguards Make More Than a Dozen Rescues During Large Winter Swell

October 17, 2023

----Update #3 As of 4:00 p.m., Honolulu Ocean Safety rescued 15 people from the high surf and made more than 800 preventative actions along the north shore. 

----Update #2EMS continued treatment en route to an area emergency room. The patient was listed in serious condition.
 ----Honolulu Ocean Safety saved a 54-year old woman this morning who was pulled underwater in rough conditions at Sharks Cove. The 911 call came in just after 9:00 a.m. for the visitor who was in the water with relatives when she was pulled out by a strong current and taken under by large surf. The woman became trapped between two rocks. Ocean Safety lifeguards responded and rescued the woman. Onshore lifeguards administered medical treatment prior to the arrival of the Honolulu Emergency Medical Services. EMS took over with advanced life support for the woman who suffered difficulty breathing from swallowing water and abrasions to her body. The surf at Sharks Cove was said to be 10-15 foot faces at the time of the rescue. The surf on the north shore is rising and the public is strongly discouraged from entering the ocean unless you are a very experienced waterman or woman.