To Care for Others is Our Kuleana

We provide 24/7 emergency medical care and services to residents and visitors of Oʻahu.
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Final 2024 Honolulu Ocean Safety Task Force Report

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Honolulu Emergency Services Department (HESD)

HESD consists of two divisions and two branches and is responsible for providing emergency medical treatment and safety for all residents and visitors on Oʻahu.
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Emergency Medical Services

Discover how Oʻahu’s EMS Paramedics and EMTs respond to the island's nearly 100,000 medical emergencies annually  across the island.
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Ocean Safety

Our world-class team works hard to keep Oʻahu residents and visitors safe in some of  the most dangerous beach conditions on the planet.
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Health Services

Conducts all pre-employment and ongoing medical evaluations for City employees.
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Crisis Outreach Response and Engagement (C.O.R.E.)

C.O.R.E. is an innovative new program that offers medical and social services to Oʻahu's homeless population.
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Build a Career with Integrity and Impact

Are you looking for an exciting and challenging career that allows you make a difference in your community? Learn about the requirements, education and training needed to join our team.
Lifeguards carrying a patient on a gurney on the beach

Are You Prepared for a 911 Medical Emergency?

You never know when you or a loved one will experience a medical emergency. It's best to be prepared before an emergency occurs because during an emergency, emotions are running high and panic sets in. Learn what to have on hand prior to the arrival of the Honolulu Emergency Medical Services team.
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Learn How to Stay Safe on Oʻahu

With over 227 miles of coastline and 150+ identified beaches, it's no small feat to keep our residents and visitors safe as they live, play and recreate on Oʻahu. Learn how you can help protect yourself with our safety tips and resources.