Community Outreach

Invite EMS to your school or career fair.

School Visits

Honolulu Emergency Medical Services Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians are happy to give educational presentations covering a wide range of topics, including Emergency Medical Services, injury prevention and the proper use of 911. EMS can bring an ambulance to your school if you request and the resources are available.

Career and Health Fairs

EMS crews attend career fairs in schools and communities across the island. Students learn what it takes to become a Paramedic and how it feels to save the lives of those in your community. EMS also explains the educational requirements and career opportunities for emergency medical service responders on Oʻahu.

Honolulu EMS also participates in health fairs, educating our keiki through our kūpuna. Community members of the public learn about the EMS system and its operations. Attendees also learn about the important role they play in emergency medical services including what to expect when you call 911, moving aside when an ambulance with lights and sirens approaches, and learning CPR and first aid.

Request for EMS to Visit Your School

If you are interested in having EMS visit your school please fill out the request form. Please note we will not be accepting anymore school visit requests until April 2024. 
Submit a School Request

Ride-Along Requests

Request to Ride-Along with EMS Crews 

If you are at least 18 years old and have a strong interest in joining EMS and/or the medical field, submit a request to shadow Honolulu EMS crews as they respond to 911 calls.
Submit a Ride-Along Request