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Honolulu Ocean Safety Rescues, Responds To Multiple Injuries At Sharks Cove

December 22, 2022

Honolulu Ocean Safety rescued multiple patients this afternoon when a large 10-foot wave washed onshore on the rocky ledge at Sharks Cove and swept two into the ocean, injuring many others. The incident happened just before 2:00 p.m. Ocean Safety was patrolling the area by ski at the time the wave caught more than a dozen people off-guard. Lifeguards rescued two injured people, a 12-year old girl and her mother, from the water and brought them to shore at Waimea Bay.  Honolulu Emergency Medical Services responded and evaluated the patients and treated them on scene. The patients suffered scrapes but declined transport to an emergency room. At Sharks Cove 10 people on the rocks were injured by the wave. Lifeguards treated them for multiple lacerations and for a possible spinal chord injury. Honolulu Emergency Medical Services also responded to the scene and treated multiple patients. Paramedics transported three in total, one in serious condition and two in stable condition. Ocean Safety officials want to warn the public that during the high surf season on Oahu’s north shore to take extreme caution when near the shoreline. At anytime a wave can catch you by surprise and put your life at risk.


The three patients transported were in the tide pools when the wave came through. Ages and genders on the three transported are as follows: 18- year old female, serious, possible head injury with multiple lacerations; 16-year old female, stable lacerations/abrasions; 22-year old female, stable lacerations/abrasions