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Honolulu Ocean Safety Rescues Boaters After Equipment Malfunction

February 22, 2023

Just after 4:00 p.m. today, Honolulu Ocean Safety along with the Honolulu Fire Department and the Marine Corps Base Hawaii's Waterfront Operations, responded to a sailboat in distress off of Windward O'ahu. The boat, described to be a 25-foot vessel, with four people onboard was first said to be in trouble near the Mokulua Islands but quickly moved towards the Marine Corps Base Hawai'i. Lifeguards made contact with the boat about 500 yards off shore of Pyramid Rock. Ocean Safety transferred a male and a female onto a military boat and helped to secure a tow line for the sailboat to be towed in with the two others safely onboard. All four adults, three men and one woman, were brought to the Kaneohe Yacht Club without injuries. The sailboat suffered a broken rudder. Ocean Safety would like to remind the public to please always carry a cellphone when out on the water and have the proper number of life jackets onboard.